Social Media Management Is Like The NBA Playoffs

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When it comes to social media, people may wonder how companies share content immediately on the fly. If it’s unexpected, it’s something that you can’t necessarily prepare for.

For those of you who are following the NBA Playoffs, you know that the second round has begun.

One of the most anticipated series happening is between the defending champ Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets.

The biggest story of the series happened in Game 2, which involved 2 all-star players: Stephen Curry of the Warriors & James Harden of the Rockets. Both players ended up suffering injuries during the game. Curry suffered a dislocated middle finger on his left hand, and Harden got poked in the eyes.

Injuries in sports usually occur quickly, which means that the injured players have to act quickly and decide if they want to get back in the game, despite the severity of their injury.

Similarly, the social media world also needs to act quickly. Sports networks and reporters need to be on the ball when it comes to sharing the news on social media.

NBA on ESPN shared the news on Twitter that same night by posting a photo of Harden with his eye injury.

NBA on ESPN on Twitter

Harden’s eyes 😬

Bleacher Report was also quick to share a video of Curry when he injured his finger.

Bleacher Report on Twitter

Steph heads to the locker room with an apparent hand injury 🙏

The element of surprise is always something to consider in social media, especially if you are working in an industry like sports, where nothing is predictable.

You need to have a well developed strategy on exactly what and when you are going to post. It’s important to:

  • Have a content strategy in place. This will help you stay organized and allow you to post content regularly. 
  • Use an advanced social media tool, such as Sprout Social, that can help not only schedule posts, but also can give you alerts and updates on trending topics.
  • Make sure your information is accurate before you post. You want to post something right as it happens so it doesn’t lose its value, but at the same time if you post something that you heard from an un-reliable source, then you may be spreading false information. This can ultimately burn you on social.
  • Remember that you can’t strategize and schedule something that hasn’t happened yet. Always be on your toes and be prepared for anything. Make adjustments and incorporate it into your strategy.

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Michael Lovelle is the Digital Marketing Strategist at Nex Gen Dynamics. He has a strong passion for marketing and gets a thrill out of analytics and creating new marketing campaigns. Michael has experience running digital marketing and social media for various companies including SPORTalk, Market Financial Group, and Campus Colors. Michael also coaches basketball and volunteers in his community. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn