Nex Gen Dynamics – Chicagoland Creative Agency Set to Launch Rebrand in 2019

“Thinking outside of the box does not define us. Thinking a box is even there restricts our creativity.”​

In 2018, Nex Gen Dynamics has grown by over 500%, and that growth has brought in a collection of innovative minds and new marketing strategies. A rebrand is being put into place to better articulate and establish the newfound Nex Gen vision and identity.

The revitalized Nex Gen Dynamics squad consists of storytellers, writers, social media Jedi, graphic designers, brand strategists, researchers, marketing experts, producers, videographers, video editors, animators, web developers, photographers, analyzers, content producers, podcasters, live streamers, influencers, and more.

The rebrand includes a revitalization of creative services. With a full in-house video production team and with immense growth of the graphic design team, a wider range of video and graphic services will now be available to current and future clients.

Along with these, the variety of digital marketing service capabilities is being extended and will now include social media marketing, content marketing/copywriting, email marketing, branding, inbound marketing, Google ads, search engine marketing, and web development to name a few.

The new Nex Gen Dynamics logo brings a sharp modern visual identity, characterizing the brand as bold, smart, refreshing, cutting-edge, effective, and original. The logo represents Nex Gen’s approach of providing individualized experiences and unique “outside-the-box” results for clients. The new design is minimalistic, simple, and elegant.

A new website will be launched in early 2019. The goal with this new website will be to provide visitors and potential clients an easier way to learn about Nex Gen’s services and discover who NGD is as an agency. A refreshed and simplified top line brand messaging will head all sections of the website, offering clarity with visitors. It will include a full outline of everything Nex Gen offers, along with a strong collection of work samples that show the evolution of where the brand started and what it has become today.

2019 is predicted to be a big year for Nex Gen Dynamics in terms of client growth and increased production. Follow Nex Gen Dynamics on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to stay connected with these changes that are coming soon.