Media Mention | Best Company – 3 Tips on Creating, Implementing, and Evaluating Your Business’s Social Media Strategy

A business’s social media strategy is ever-changing but there are some key components to always keep in mind.

Even though your number one marketing goal is typically to increase sales, that cannot be the only focus. In fact, making your audience a top priority and basing your strategy on their needs and wants can ultimately result in you reaching your end goal.

Here are three things you should always consider in your social media strategy. 

Brand Voice

“If you are inconsistent with brand voice, it doesn’t give the audience a clear idea of what the brand is all about and it can create confusion. For instance, if your company is more on the serious side, a random humorous post can seem inappropriate and out of place.”

Brand voice is a key aspect of a company’s social media presence and reputation. It is a huge defining factor of the way you want to be portrayed and the type of messages you want to send out. 

Consistency with brand voice is important because it makes you more reliable to your audience. People are more willing to trust a brand who is well defined. 

Your social media content can have slight variations depending on the platform; however, it should be overall cohesive.

Crisis Management

“You must have a crisis management plan in place. It’s important to decide how you’re going to handle negative or controversial comments and messages. It’s not always smart to simply delete negative feedback; in fact, it can sometimes hurt a company to do so. It’s best to respond in a professional manner to assure that people can trust your company.”

Companies often have concerns about negative comments or reviews impacting their brand or ruining their reputation. While this concern is valid, a small amount of negative feedback is typically normal.

Ignoring the negativity instead of addressing it can actually cause more problems because your audience may think that you don’t care about them. 

Negative comments and messages can help you improve your business, products, and/or services based on a customer’s experience. This feedback also gives you the opportunity to provide excellent customer service if you respond in a timely and respectful manner.

Social Content

“Keep track of what types of posts do well and which platforms are doing the best, along with the times and days you are posting. You can use these analytics and statistics to constantly improve as you plan monthly social media strategies.”

Even if you create a set content plan for the month, you are never completely done with your content. It’s important to monitor the successes and failures of different types of content and adjust accordingly.

Constantly testing out different types of social media content can help you to discover which ones bring you the most engagement and the most traffic. You can also align your content with your goals to refine your strategy even further.  

Once you find what works for your brand, be consistent with it. If your audience likes certain types of content, they will be expecting it from you and will be more willing to continue engaging.