Mailchimp Expands Into Full-Service Marketing Platform

Source: Mailchimp
Mailchimp, well-known as an email marketing software, is officially expanding into a full-service marketing platform.

Mailchimp has already developed several marketing tools over the past two years including Facebook ads, Google ads, social posting, and CRM tools, but this latest update comes with much more.

In a blog post announcement, co-founder Ben Chestnut wrote that with these new changes, users “can market smarter and grow faster, (with) new packages that allow customers to get the most out of Mailchimp, and a global marketing campaign where we tell the world we’re officially an ‘all-in-one Marketing Platform'”. 

“(Users) can market smarter and grow faster.” – Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder of Mailchimp

The new Mailchimp platform includes:

  • Website Development – Users can buy a website domain right from the platform and use templates to build the website
  • Ad Retargeting – Users can retarget customers through Facebook and Instagram ads 
  • Social Posting – Users can repurpose their Mailchimp content to post on social platforms 
  • Recommendations – Users can receive suggestions from Mailchimp based on user insight
  • Marketing CRM – Users can view their audience in one place and analyze the value of their audience based on open rates, clicks, and other interactions

Chestnut assured long-time Mailchimps users that these changes are meant to support the growth of small businesses, and that they will continue to make improvements along the way.

In his blog, he stated, “I want to assure you that we’re making these changes thoughtfully based on what our customers have been asking for, and strategically based on how we know marketing platforms can help small businesses grow. And we’re looking out for our loyal customers throughout the process.”