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Nex Gen Dynamics’ comments were featured in Best Company’s article: Logo Design Trends in 2019 

Art Director Peter Ella provided his insight on logo design trends that are on the rise in 2019. His original comments are displayed in full below.

How often should businesses consider updating their logo?

Businesses should consider updating their logo based on business needs.

If the brand identity is becoming stale and outdated, a redesign may be beneficial. A simple logo refresh, depending on the type of logo and style, is also something to consider.

Many logos only require slight adjustments to make it more clear and recognizable, especially if it is well designed at the onset of its creation.

Established corporations, such as McDonalds for example, only have slight changes and variances in their logo style from the 60s onward. Essentially, the arch symbol has remained more or less the same.

Source: Tribupedia

For small and growing startup companies, a new logo launch can help create better brand awareness. Record low sales, new service ventures, building renewed trust with consumers are amongst many other factors that could dictate a logo update based on necessity.

What are the most recent design trends that companies should consider?

A consistent trend for many logo specimens (if one were to observe their evolution) is that it veers towards a clean, modern, and very minimalistic style.

A good example of an established company that followed this trend is Reebok. Many can easily recognize its competitors’ logos including the Nike swoosh, the Puma, and the Adidas stripes. Reebok’s logo at present, now utilizes a simple triangular shape that is easily recognizable.

Source: AdAge

A younger company by comparison like Under Armour, which started in the mid 90s, is also emulating simple shapes for its logo that cleverly forms a “U” and an “A” combined shape.

Well executed logo shape designs are very effective because human sequence of cognition shows that we respond to shape first, before color, followed by readable wordmarks. This trend is also prominent in tech, manufacturing, financial, and other industries.

What are some outdated design trends to avoid?

Outdated logos usually coincide with what trends were popular during the time. It is not a good idea to have a viewer retrogress back to the 70s or 80s – unless of course the purpose of a specific brand is to promote nostalgia.

In contrast to a minimal approach, is an overly designed logo, which is something that was commonly done in the past.

Simply look at Ford Motor’s first logo or Apple’s logo in the 70s. Avoid designing logos that are overly treated with special effects. It’s also best to avoid typefaces that are dated, including default transitional fonts and time piece fonts that echo old art movements such as Art Nouveau or Art Deco.

Source: Famous Logos
Source: Graphic Art News

Lastly, move away from trendy decorative fonts that have short lifespans and can easily become dated.