The Return of the Jonas Brothers – Why Nostalgia Works in Marketing to Millennials

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The late 90’s to the early-mid 2000s was the time period when boy bands were at their prime.

From watching music video premieres on Total Request Live (TRL), to decking out bedroom walls with magazine pullout posters, to taking low quality videos with a flip phone at a concert, millennials tend to feel warm and fuzzy inside when basking in these memories.

Millennials have a strong appreciation for this time period in their lives and many would say that old music they grew up with still ranks high in their hearts.

The Jonas Brothers Phenomenon

The Jonas Brothers were widely popular in the 2000’s, launching their music career in 2006 with their debut album, It’s About Time.

After signing with Hollywood Records in 2007, they went on to produce more music in correlation with Disney. During their musical career as a group, they released a total of 4 studio albums.

They also starred in the hit Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, followed by the sequel, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. To this day, Camp Rock is ranked number 3 on the list of highest-rated Disney Channel Original Movies of all time.

During their Disney days, they even launched a television series called Jonas (later titled Jonas LA).

After breaking up in 2013 due to creative differences and a disagreement of priorities, they went on to pursue individual careers and endeavors.

This left loyal fans devastated, for the end of a special and meaningful era had come to a close. Their favorite boyband had transformed into just a distant memory.

Fe Esperanza on Twitter

It’s official. RIP Jonas Brothers. You guys were a big part of my childhood, I sure hope this is for the best.

Bella Lowery on Twitter

I’m just going to pretend the Jonas news I found out today is not true. WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY

The Return of the Jonas Brothers

Those distant memories of the old days became real-time excitement when the Jonas Brothers announced their unexpected reunion through a week long special on the Late Late Show With James Corden.

They went on to release their first new single and music video, Sucker, introducing a more grown up, fresh Jonas Brothers sound. The video features the Jonas Brothers with their ladies (Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner), and has a fun, carefree vibe to it.

They stirred up nostalgia by jamming out to several of their old hits on Corden’s popular segment Carpool Karaoke. In addition to singing in the car to Sucker, they rocked out to some of their classics, including Burnin’ Up, Year 3000, When You Look Me In The Eyes, and Lovebug. This was the first time in 6 years that the Jonas Brothers sang these hits, so it was a monumental moment for longtime fans.

In another segment, they appeared on stage with wigs of their old, memorable haircuts and parodied their legendary hit, Year 3000. The audience even began singing the original lyrics to Year 3000 before they realized it was a parody. This was a fun and surprising twist on the well-known song. 

Stirring up Nostalgic Feelings

The Jonas Brothers also rustled up some old feelings by recreating an old, very short skit video of theirs, a special surprise to give to their dedicated fans. 



An official tour has yet to be announced; however, they recently starting performing pop-up concerts. Aside from singing Sucker and their second new single, Cool, they stirred up even more nostalgia by performing a variety of their old hit songs live.

ashlee on Twitter

The crowd singing along to fly with me gave me the absolute chills, so much love for the jonas brothers. Feels just like old times ❤️❤️❤️ @jonasbrothers #JonasBrothersATL #JonasBrothers @joejonas @nickjonas @kevinjonas

º on Twitter

this song will be forever my favorite one from them. goosebumps are real after 10 years #JonasBrothersATL

When the Jonas Brothers made their return, the reactions of their longtime fans were priceless, reflecting that the nostalgia and pure bliss is real.

med on Twitter

Mood since the Jonas Brothers came back

Ryan Nicole on Twitter

Wtf we are all gonna be 20-30 at a Jonas Brothers concert and I couldn’t be more excited. #jonasbrothers #old

Kelsie Gibson on Twitter

16-year-old me: Ahh the Jonas Brothers! 26-year-old me: AHH THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!

Why Nostalgia Works

Millennials are constantly engaging with social media posts that involve memories and mentions of anything related to the time period they grew up in.

There are a multitude of reasons why millennials enjoy this type of content.

Music, culture, fashion, and products are all vastly different now than they were in the 90’s and early 2000’s. While many millennials are quick to adapt to today’s ever-changing society, they still have a soft spot for “the old days” and enjoy the feelings of nostalgia when they see these types of social posts.

From a psychological standpoint, nostalgia isn’t necessarily about remembering a specific moment in time, but more so reminiscing on an emotional state. Therefore, any posts or news about something related to the 90’s and 2000’s sparks a strong emotional response from millennials.

This age group is constantly looking for something real that they can connect with, which is why nostalgia most often captures their attention. 

Millennials are also a key audience for marketers because not only are they larger than any other demographic in the country, but they are also one of the main audiences that span across all social platforms. 

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