5 Graphic Design Tips for Social Media

A brand’s social media presence must be visually appealing to stand out from competitors. A lot of thought needs to go into creating graphics for social media if you want to maintain a high-quality appearance. 

Here are 5 tips to get you started.

1. The colors and font should reflect the brand

Your brand guidelines should specify the colors and the type of font that should always be used for your brand.

2. Don’t be too text heavy

Too much text on graphics can distract from the design and might even be difficult to read. Keep the text to a minimum to keep your graphic clean and organized.

3. Contrast your images to stand out

Use contrasting colors to make the content both readable and visually appealing. You can also create contrast with your font, alignment, size, and more.

4. Stay consistent with the style

Even though each graphic may have different types of content, keeping the overall style consistent will help you maintain a strong brand appearance.

5. Understand the social platforms

Graphics can vary on each social platform due to the size and the type of graphic. It’s best to have an understanding of each social platform to create content effectively.