Google Ads Editor Now Offers Full Cross-Account Management

Google has officially launched Google Ads Editor version 1, a new and improved version with a significant update.

This is the first big update of Editor since Google AdWords was rebranded as Google Ads

Full Cross-Account Management 

Editor has been updated to include full cross-account management. Prior to this update, users could only make changes in the Editor UI for one account at a time.

Now, you can use Editor across all of your Google Ads accounts from a single window.

For example, you’ll be able to easily add the same set of keywords across different accounts, update campaign settings across your entire book of business, or download relevant stats across any grouping of your accounts.

The new cross-account management feature will save users more time when managing all of their campaigns.

New Design and Usability

Google has also updated the design and usability of Editor with a new interface

This improvement is mean to provide easier navigation and allows you to complete tasks at a faster rate. 

According to Google’s research, many users had a challenging time remembering where each setting was. The update includes both a right-hand Edit panel in addition to a search functionality for easier accessibility.

Other New Features

Google Ads Editor version 1 also contains other new features, including:

  • Streamlined editing
  • Full support for non-skippable video ads
  • Custom rules updates
  • Ad strength indicator
  • Maximize conversions for TrueView for action campaigns
  • Maximize conversions for display campaigns
  • New support for App campaigns
  • Audience targeting in Smart Display campaigns
  • Bumper campaigns are now video campaigns
  • Message extension