Facebook’s Newest Changes Aim to Reduce Fake News

Facebook’s latest updates to the News Feed algorithms work to decrease the amount of false content and catch scam in its tracks.

The changes include a new metric, along with updates to current features.

Here are the changes that are being executed:  

News Feed Ranking With Click-Gap

Click-gap determines where to rank a post, which can help Facebook users see less low-quality content on their News Feed.

It filters out websites that receive more clicks on Facebook than any other areas of the web. This essentially is a link on Facebook that seems to be going viral, but it’s suspiciously not as popular outside of the social network.

By eliminating these types of posts, Facebook can cut down on low-quality content that doesn’t appear to be reliable.  

Better Control of Links in Groups

Facebook will reduce the reach of groups that continue to share previously rated false content. This will assure that these types of posts aren’t visible on the News Feed.

Admins of groups will also be held more accountable for violating any Community Standards. Groups are at risk of being taken down if admins and moderators approve untrustworthy posts or share false information themselves.

Additionally, users will soon have the ability to delete any of their posts or comments from a group even if they have left the group.  

Verified Badge on Messenger

Facebook is implementing the Verified Badge on Messenger to prevent people from getting tricked by scammers and fake profiles.

Any pages and profiles that currently have the blue or gray checks will most likely automatically be incorporated into Messenger.

Better Moderation on Instagram

Posts that are deemed inappropriate but do not violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines now might not appear in Explore or on hashtag pages. The moderation of this inappropriate Instagram content includes posts that are “spammy, violent, or sexually suggestive”.

These posts will still be visible in a user’s feed if they follow that account, but this new change eliminates the spread of these posts to people who are not interested in viewing this type of content.