Facebook Prioritizes Original Video Content With New Ranking Algorithm

Source: Instapage

Facebook announced some upcoming updates to video distribution on their platform that will change the way videos are ranked.

In their blog, Facebook stated that their goal with these updates is to help video creators build their audience and be more profitable with their content.

“We want to help media companies — whether large, small, global, or local — continue their invaluable work…we want to help people on Facebook discover great videos and build relationships with the creators and publishers that matter to them.” – Facebook

The series of updates will gradually launch over the upcoming months and are based on the following three factors:

1. Loyalty and Intent

Facebook will place more emphasis on ranking videos that people continuously come back for.

Whether it be a weekly video series, or a company who produces a wide variety of videos, people become accustomed to seeing certain content on Facebook and tend to search for more similar videos time and time again. 

The update will help push the right videos to the loyal viewers, establishing mutual benefits for the user and the creator.

2. Video and Viewing Duration

The ranking system will also be updated for videos that keep people engaged throughout the entire duration, with extra attention on videos that are three minutes or longer.

“We will add more weight in ranking to videos that keep people engaged, especially on videos that are at least three minutes long.” – Facebook

This part of the update follows Facebook’s prior commentary on the importance of holding a viewer’s attention for at least one minute.

3. Originality

Through these updates, original video content will be prioritized, while unoriginal videos will be more closely monitored.

Facebook will limit distribution and monetization of unoriginal videos that are shared multiple times from various pages. 

This will provide even more push and more opportunities for monetization for creators who publish self-created videos.

These updates will change the way videos are distributed on Facebook, which will not only help the video creators, but it will also enhance the viewing experience for users all across the platform.