5 Ways Brands Can Use Facebook Messenger

While social media is already a huge part of your digital marketing strategy, private messaging is on the rise in 2019. If you want to jump on the messaging trend, start with Facebook Messenger. 

Here are 5 ways you can use Facebook Messenger to your brand’s advantage.

1. Deliver a regular newsletter.

Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can ask followers to opt-in to receive newsletters and other consistent, tailored content. You can expect a higher open rate on Messenger than email due to the easy accessibility of it.

2. Answer questions in a timely fashion.

Replying to customer questions through private message should be a part of your customer service plan if it isn’t already. A quick response rate will build trust and reliability in your brand.

3. Send event updates and reminders.

When people sign up for your events, you can send them reminders about the event details and update them with any changes. This keeps them in the loop in a personalized way.

4. Use Facebook Messenger ads to increase engagement.

Both Click to Messenger ads and sponsored messages give current customers and potential customers an easy opportunity to engage and ask questions.

5. Provide articles related to customer questions. 

With the use of chatbots, customers can easily send a message asking for more information on a certain topic and, in return, receive a link to a relevant article on your website.