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Nex Gen Dynamics’ comments were featured in Databox’s article: 23 Content Distribution Tips & Channels For Increasing Website Traffic.

It’s important to have a solid strategy and plan in place when it comes to promoting your latest blog posts.

Social media is one of the strongest tools for promoting your latest blog posts and it’s crucial that you use it to your advantage.

However, simply posting the links to your latest blogs may not always necessarily be the best option. In order to see results, you must develop a consistent social media content strategy.

Here are three ways to promote your blogs using social media.

Repurpose Blogs With Twitter Threads

“Instead of simply resharing the link to social media, we repurpose a blog by incorporating all the main points into a Twitter thread, and include the link for people to read the full article. This keeps people engaged and connected, and they’re more likely to click the link to read more.” 

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform so it makes sense to repurpose your website blogs there. Twitter threads not only make your content easy to read, but also makes it visually appealing with the use of images, GIFs, and videos. 

This can be especially useful and beneficial if you are writing about a trending topic. This allows you to be at the forefront of discussions and your content will get more reach. 

Use IG Stories To Promote New Blog Posts

Instagram Stories are a useful platform to promote your latest blog content. People like to engage with Instagram Stories, so this can be a great way to gain their attention.

You cannot insert a link onto your Instagram Stories unless you have over 10,000 followers or are a verified account; however, you can place a link on your Instagram profile bio.

When sharing the new blog post to your Instagram Story, post it with an appealing image and a catchy title, followed by “Link in Bio”. Make sure you have updated your profile link to lead to your latest blog post.  

Use LinkedIn Pulse For "Exclusive" Content

LinkedIn Pulse is a separate blogging platform that allows you to publish content as an individual creator. 

This can be useful for providing exclusive or bonus content that wasn’t included in your original blog. By doing so, this can give your readers more insight and can show them that you are knowledgeable on the topic.

Make sure to link them to the full blog post, and include the LinkedIn Pulse link on your original blog post as well.