Burger King Releases ‘Unhappy’ Meals For Mental Health Awareness Month

Source: Burger King Twitter

Burger King’s latest ad campaign puts a unique spin on Mental Health Awareness Month by taking on the approach of “real” feelings.

The #feelyourway campaign puts emphasis on the acceptance of a wide range of emotions, whether positive or negative, because “no one is happy all the time.”

During the month of May, Burger King will offer a variety of “Real Meals” including a Pissed Meal, a Yaaas Meal, a DGAF Meal, a Salty Meal, and a Blue Meal. 

feeling blue? salty? pissed? YAAAS? or simply like you DGAF? that’s ok. no one is happy all the time. introducing Real Meals at BK. have a Real Meal your way, and help support the work of @mentalhealthamerica by tapping the link in our bio. #FeelYourWay

2,681 Likes, 98 Comments – Burger King (@burgerking) on Instagram: “feeling blue? salty? pissed? YAAAS? or simply like you DGAF? that’s ok. no one is happy all the…”

Burger King also went on to release a video for the promotion, which features people openly talking about their feelings through different, relatable life situations.

Burger King on Twitter

it’s ok to #feelyourway https://t.co/JiMDnzWCaI

The “Real Meals” and the “No one is happy all the time” slogan appear to be a parody of McDonald’s Happy Meals.

This wasn’t the first time that Burger King has shaded McDonald’s. Back in December, Burger King ran a 1-cent Whopper promotion, where customers could only unlock the deal if they were within 600-feet of a McDonald’s. 

This campaign is a smart move on Burger King’s part because it shows a more human element on their social media pages. By telling users that it’s ok to feel unhappy sometimes, it opens the floor to honest conversations about mental health.

The campaign has received mixed responses, with some people excited about purchasing the meals, to other people questioning the validity of a fast food restaurant preaching about mental health. 

average honk on Twitter

@BurgerKing thank you burger king, very cool.

Bobby Fresh on Twitter

@BurgerKing Nothing validates my feelings of self-loathing and general apathy more than eating nutritionally deficient fast food delivered to me through my car door in a box as unhappy as I am.

Regardless of the range of responses, people are definitely talking about it all over social media, which contributes in some shape or form to the success of the campaign.

Burger King has partnered with Mental Health America for this special promotion. These meals will be available in Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and Austin, Texas while supplies last.