Creative agencies come in all shapes and sizes with particular niches and methodologies, and have a list of preferred types of clients they want to work with. Quite often, many agencies force clients into a box to fit the infrastructure of the agency vs the agency adjusting to the needs and infrastructure of the client. They want to use the same techniques, give the same approach, through the same channels, and provide their usual game plan to *insert your typical client’s goal or objective here* and then repeat the cycle all over again. For the record, Nex Gen Dynamics does not comply with those rules.

Nex Gen has an extraordinary mixture of skilled veterans to keep us steady and young bloods to keep us running towards the cutting edge of new possibilities. This mixture allows us to keep a level head built on a solid foundation while exploring the possibilities of new ideas, platforms, strategies, tools, and technologies to provide our clients with the most modern techniques.

We are a group compiled of creative misfits who not only think outside of the box, we live outside of the box.

We are the type of agency who questions if the box is even there in the first place.

We Provide Creative Solutions

We stir emotion, response, and results through marketing collateral, content writing, social media, graphic design, compelling storytelling, video production, branding pieces, lead generation programs, online campaigns, and more! 

With a full in-house video production team and graphic design team, we provide a wide range of video and graphic services, available to current and future clients.

Our integrated approach harnesses the power of your brand to create leads, increase sales, drive digital traffic, grow brand awareness, tap into new markets, and tell compelling stories to your target niche audience.


Our Team

Nex Gen Dynamics creative squad consists of Storytellers, Writers, Social Media Jedi, Graphic Designers, Brand Strategists, Researchers, Marketing Experts, Producers, Videographers, Video Editors, Photographers, Data Analyzers, Content Producers, Podcasters, Live Streamers, Influencers, Technology Enthusiasts, and more!