5 Ways Your Brand is Like a Burrito

Burritos have become such a popular dish enjoyed by so many people. They have been incoporated into a plethora of internet memes, and there is even a national day dedicated to them. 

You may be wondering how this meme-worthy Mexican dish is even relevant to your brand. 

Your brand has a lot more in common with burritos than you realize. The similarities lie in the carefully placed details. 

Here are 5 ways your brand is like a burrito. 

1. The initial appearance can make or break a person's experience.

People are typically more drawn to a stunning, fully loaded burrito as opposed to a boring, less filling one. At first glance, they automatically form an opinion about it.

The same thing goes for your brand.

It’s important for your brand to have solid, consistent visual aspects set into place. This can include everything from a logo, to social media graphics, to appropriate font choice on collateral pieces, and much more.

Just as a person would not want to bite into that bland looking, messy burrito, they would not contact you if your brand is not put together in an aesthetically pleasing way.

2. People are first and foremost curious about the main ingredient.

When ordering a burrito at Chipotle, people often first state the protein that they want in it. That main ingredient sets the stage for what they want their burrito to be.

The main ingredient of a brand is simply this: the big solution you offer to meet people’s wants and needs. People want to know right off the bat that you have what they are looking for.

If Chipotle didn’t have any meat or protein, many people would leave the establishment empty-handed. If your brand doesn’t clearly have something to offer, people will leave empty-handed as well.

3. The extra toppings help with customization.

The beans, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole are the little things that get people excited about their order. These toppings are based on personal preference and allow people to customize their order based on their needs.

It’s important that your brand allows for some aspects of personalization. This shows that you truly understand your audience and that you want to provide to them as individuals.

People appreciate the variety of options they have for their burrito. No one is guiding them or pressuring them into what they should choose. Providing your audience with different choices will not only make them feel special, but it will also help them feel empowered by their own decisions.

4. The salsa gives people that extra kick of excitement.

Salsa really spices a burrito up and adds an extra burst of flavor that satisfies the taste buds.

Your brand should have its own special sauce that makes you stand out from competitors. You have to have a unique element that will make someone choose you over another company in your industry.

Such unique elements can include creative and bold brand messaging, special sales on products, a different approach to your social media marketing strategy, and much more.

It’s important to note that overdoing the spice has the ability to push away potential customers. An already flavorful burrito shouldn’t be overpowered by the hottest salsa.

5. The platter and presentation really tie in the whole experience.

If a Chipotle worker gave people burritos by placing them unwrapped in their bare hands, it wouldn’t be very tempting to eat.

The way you present your brand says a lot about who you are as a company. Brand presentation not only involves the visual aspects mentioned before, but also heavily includes brand messaging.

The way you describe your brand and the voice that is present on your brand’s social media accounts are both crucial pieces that can form a person’s opinion about you.

Presenting your brand in a strategic and appealing way will give off the same effect as a beautifully plated burrito.