5 Ways Celine Dion And Her Music Inspire Creativity

Source: Billboard

Celine Dion has been my favorite artist since I was about 8 years old. I grew up listening to her because my older sister constantly played her songs in the house, which I am so thankful for.

She has been such an inspiration and role model to look up to as she is a genuine, caring person as well as an amazing vocal artist.

As a graphic designer, I find that Celine Dion inspires me and my creativity in 5 ways:

1. Her Lyrics Are Inspirational

Celine Dion’s lyrics make you think more deeply about life because they speak directly to the heart. Her lyrics are very honest and express the emotions that live deep within her soul.

They are all mainly focused on one theme: Love.

Love is such a powerful word. Everyone desires the feeling of being loved or loving someone, whether it’s your spouse, partner, your parent, grandparent, child, sibling, or friend.

When I find inspiration in something that is very important to me, I find it so much easier to come up with fresh ideas and design effectively because my whole heart and soul is poured into it. 

2. Her Voice Is Beautiful And Powerful

When I listen to her, I am blown away by the power and mesmerizing vocals she always produces.

It amazes me how much talent she has. Her songs have such great melody and strong emotion. I can’t help but sing along to every single one of her songs. 

She is even known to have a one-of-a-kind voice in the music industry due to her unique clarity and tone. 

Listening to her motivates me to always put my best effort into my work and give everything I have to be a truly great and successful graphic designer.

When people are passionate about what they do, it shows in a way where it feels honest and real. This is how I want people to feel when they see the designs I create.

3. She Makes You Laugh

Celine Dion has a great personality. She is always so kind and humble and has a great sense of humor. When she is in the public eye, she is not afraid to be her true self.

There is so much to be serious about in life, so it is nice to let loose and laugh about anything.

At Nex Gen Dynamics, I have been given the nickname of “Chief Happiness Officer” because I bring an upbeat attitude and positive light to the office. This comes naturally to me, although Celine Dion inspires me to continuously keep up my positivity.

You will almost always catch me smiling and laughing. Laughter has been said to increase your creativity as well as your longevity of life.

4. Her Music Is Relaxing

Not only are her songs full of power and intensity, but there is also a very soothing tone to her music that makes me feel so relaxed and calm. Through her powerful vocals, she delivers so much control, pureness, and grace.

Her songs range from lively pop music to sentimental ballads. Whatever the type of song she sings, she does it with effortless elegance and charm.

When I listen to her music, I am able to think and focus more clearly, which helps bring out my creativity. She is my go-to artist to listen to whenever I am in a creative block.

5. She Is Multilingual

The fact that Celine Dion takes the time to learn multiple languages so she can reach a greater audience, shows how much of a hard worker she is.

Her recordings are mostly in French (her native language) and English, but she also sings in Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. That is impressive!

Knowing that she pushes herself to work hard, makes me want to push myself harder and learn new things even if there is pressure or fear involved.

There is definitely pressure in being good at my craft of graphic design and I always feel the need to excel and be perfect. Accepting the fact that mistakes will happen and then learn from them, will in the end make me a stronger designer.

While Celine Dion may not be your creative inspiration, there is an inspirational artist or person out there for everyone. Find your inspiration through your favorite musician, your favorite actor, or someone you look up to. Creativity is all around you, just take a look.

About The Author

Laura Gaenzle is the Graphic Design Manager at Nex Gen Dynamics. She built up her graphic design background working at Advance Design Studio and freelancing for F2 products, designing various print and digital marketing collateral. Her passion for graphic design stems from the empowerment of connecting people to art. As “Chief Happiness Officer” and Celine Dion megafan, Laura puts her positive energy and attitude into her work on a daily basis.