5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Cheese

Cheese is a popular food around the world and can be incorporated into so many different dishes. From pizza, to burgers, to salads, to pasta, the possible combinations are endless.

You are probably wondering how cheese can relate to marketing. Just as there are a large variety of cheeses, there are a large variety of marketing methods and strategies that differ for each brand and each industry. The connection may seem far-fetched but there are a lot more commonalities than one may realize. 

While each brand is different, there are many things that all brands can learn from these 5 popular types of cheese: 

1. Have A Purpose Like Mozzarella Cheese

Source: Serious Eats

Mozzarella cheese is often described as “mild and refreshing”. At the surface, it seems like such a simple and boring cheese, but it has a special job – it’s the most common cheese found on top of pizza. It pairs well with the tomato sauce and bread, it’s also a staple for cheesy breadsticks, and it holds a top appetizer title (mozzarella sticks).

Like mozzarella, your brand should have a specialty and a main purpose. Having a strong purpose is key because your audience wants to know that your brand can be of use to them in some way or another. Even if you’re a simple or “boring” brand, you have the ability to prove why and how you can dominate in your industry. You need to have a strong content marketing strategy to show people that your brand is worth it.

2. Be Bold Like Blue Cheese

Source: Bistro SF Grill

Blue cheese is often described as “too strong” and it has an acquired taste. Many turn away from it because the mold aspect of it scares them, but others actually like it. Due to its powerful taste, it’s typically added to salads for a pop of flavor. People who like blue cheese tend to enjoy the bold taste of it because of its uniqueness compared to other cheeses.

Like blue cheese, your brand shouldn’t be afraid to be bold and different. This is especially important if you’ve been using the same marketing strategies for a long time and you aren’t getting the results that you want. You have to step outside of the box and try something different. You have to try something that is unexpected yet still on brand. It’s best to have a balanced mix of creativity and strategy. If you want to stand out in your industry, you can’t do what everyone else is going. Be bold, brave, and brilliant.

3. Strive For Sophistication Like Brie Cheese

Source: New England Cheese Making Supply Co.

Brie is described as “The Queen of Cheeses”, due to its fancy nature. Brie is typically reserved for fancy dinner parties, it comes with a plethora of potential recipes, and it’s a decadent pairing to a variety of wines. It’s also known for being a great dessert cheese, providing a delicious creaminess to the end of a meal.

Like brie, your brand should strive for sophistication and elegance. However, keep in mind that this can mean something different to each brand. For many, sophistication translates to professionalism. Even the most casual and comedic brands need to have a professional element when it comes to customer service and presentation. Additionally, just like brie brings a special touch to desserts, your brand should have a special touch that appeals to your audience. Even if it’s something small, it will still help you differentiate yourself from competitors.

4. Be Reliable Like Cheddar Cheese

Source: The Splendid Table

Cheddar cheese is described as “creamy and sharp” and it’s very well-known. In fact, it’s the most widely purchased and eaten cheese in the world. It’s a classic type of cheese that goes well on sandwiches and burgers. Many people also eat cheddar cheese on its own because its flavor is appealing enough to not be combined with anything. It’s a reliable cheese that many people fall back on if they were required to choose just one type of cheese.

Like cheddar cheese, your brand should maintain a sense of reliability. You can build that reliability by regularly engaging with your audience, providing accurate and dependable information, and upholding a consistent brand image and voice. By working towards this reliability, people will not only trust you, but you will also be their first choice in your industry.

5. DON’T Be Fake Like American Kraft Singles

Source: Target

American cheese is one thing, but American Kraft Singles is another. While many kids grew up on these packaged slices, eating them on grilled cheese sandwiches, the bright orange color is anything but natural. This cheese is unfortunately “fake” and processed, which makes it less fresh than other cheeses.

Your brand should be more natural than American Kraft Singles. If you appear to be fake or robot-like in your strategy, people will turn away from you because they won’t trust you. Adding a more human touch to your brand will allow people to relate to you and it will also hold their attention longer. Authenticity is important because many people can see right through any phony attempts at marketing.

By combining all these elements, your brand can stand at the forefront of marketing. Purposeful, bold, sophisticated, reliable, and authentic strategies can help your brand stand out from competitors, develop a loyal audience, build strong brand awareness, and reach your overall goals.

About The Author

Laura Wigodner is the Content Marketing Manager for Nex Gen Dynamics. Her lifestyle articles have been featured on Elite Daily, Medium, and Thought Catalog to name a few. She also writes professionally on Content Marketing, Social Media, Branding, and more. A Bradley University Alum with a B.A. in Communications and Creative Writing, Laura loves writing poetry and watching YouTube videos. You can find the Swiftie on Twitter and Instagram, as well as anywhere there is coffee because that is her lifeline.