3 Ways to Optimize for Voice Search

Source: Over The Top SEO

Voice search has become a popular way for consumers to easily obtain the information they are looking for. In fact, 58% of consumers used voice search in the past year to find local business information. The rise in popularity is mainly due to trends in voice technology such as Siri and Alexa.

It’s important that companies focus more on voice search to stay relevant in their industry and to improve rankings on search engines. In order for companies to gain success through voice search, they must be optimized for it. Here are 3 ways to optimize for voice search:

1. Improve your website speed, especially on mobile.

Speed is a key factor in ranking high on search engines so it only makes sense that it should be considered in voice search.

Google has also established that page speed is a ranking factor for mobile searches. Since voice search is mostly used on mobile devices, page speed is crucial for consumers to get answers as quickly as possible.

2. Improve local SEO.

Many people use voice search to find information on places they want to go to.

When it comes to local businesses, many users will ask for a type of establishment followed by the words “near me”. When these words are used, Google pulls up results from Google business listings.

In order to appear on these local listings, you must make sure that your “Google My Business” profile is filled in completely with all of your information.

3. Optimize the content.

While short-tail or long-tail keywords that are linked to in-depth content can help to rank higher on search engines, voice search is completely different.

This is because people are more likely to use longer and more specific search queries when they are asking a question out loud.

To improve rank in voice search, companies should consider providing straightforward answers in anticipation of detailed voice inquiries.