3 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers in 2019

Video marketing is such a prevalent piece of a brand’s digital marketing strategy because so many internet users feel more engaged when watching videos.

Video traffic is already high, but it’s predicted that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021.

While it’s smart to include video in your social media strategy on Facebook and Instagram, having a well-established YouTube channel is also significant. A YouTube channel can help you to increase brand awareness and allow you to continue building and growing your audience.

Here are three tips to grow your YouTube subscribers:   

1. Optimize your title and description.

It’s essential to write a catchy title because that is what first catches a person’s attention. But it’s also important to include a keyword in your title to be seen on Google.

Your title also shouldn’t be any longer than 50 characters so the full title will show up on Google. People will read the video description before clicking on the video, so be sure to make it short but catchy and include the keyword in it.

2. Cross-promote your videos.

Promoting your latest YouTube video on your social channels will not only influence people to watch the video, but it will also drive them to subscribe to your channel.

One way to do this is to share a short clip from your new video as an Instagram post, and include the link to the full video in your bio.

3. Create custom thumbnails.

Instead of randomly generating a thumbnail from your video, create a relevant and high-quality thumbnail. This is more visually appealing and will drive people to click on it.

It also will help your whole channel look more organized and professional.