3 Reasons to Work With Micro Influencers

When a brand wants to partner with someone, they automatically lean towards influencers that have millions of followers. While this seems like a smart move, it can actually decrease a brand’s chances of getting a high return on investment (ROI).

By partnering with a celebrity or a macro influencer, a brand could end up losing money in the long run.

This is where micro influencers come in.

Micro influencers have a following of 1,000 to 100,000 people. Most of that audience is highly engaged and they also tend to trust the influencer’s thoughts and opinions.

Partnering with a micro influencer can benefit a brand in many ways. Here are three main benefits:

1. You can expect a 60% higher engagement rate

Engagement rate can sometimes decrease as the follower count increases, so micro influencers come with the benefit of a highly engaged audience.

Micro influencers also tend to only partner with brands that they trust and support, and their audience is able to detect an honest and open voice in promotional posts.

2. The cost is more affordable.

Influencers typically set their prices based on their follower count, which means that micro influencers are inexpensive to work with.

This also allows you to get a high ROI, because you’ll be reaching the specific people who actually matter to your brand.

3. Micro influencers expand across a wide range of niches.

Micro influencers are each interested in a specific topic or niche, and their followers trust their input on those topics.

No matter what a brand sells, it is much easier to find a micro influencer who would be interested in it. This makes the search process much smoother and faster.